Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

For the American Board of Radiology Maintenance of Certification Program you are required over the 10 year period to:

1. Professionalism and Professional Standing
This part requires valid, unrestricted licensure in all states of practice. A diplomate must report any state board action against a license to the ABR within 60 days.

2. Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment
A minimum of 75 AMA Category 1 CME credits is required every three years. At least 25 of these must be Self-Assessment CME (SA-CME). 

3. Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills
This part requires passing the most recent summative decision for ABR Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) or passing a traditional exam in the previous 5 years. Those who needed to pass a MOC exam by March 2, 2017 (as indicated on the Part 3 tab in myABR) were still required to take and pass the exam to meet the Part 3 requirement. All other diplomates have been deferred from completing the Part 3 requirement and therefore will not need to take the traditional MOC exam until OLA is available. 

4.Improvement in Medical Practice
To satisfy Part 4, diplomates complete at least one Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) Project OR Participatory Quality Improvement Activity every three years. A PQI project or activity may be conducted repeatedly or continuously and may include an individual only, a group of diplomates, or an institutional multidisciplinary collaboration. The ABR honors each diplomate‚Äôs privilege to choose PQI activities or projects that are pertinent to his or her practice. 
Participatory Quality Improvement Activity includes Peer Review Logs showing active participation in submitting and reviewing cases as well as having your own individual work reviewed in the course of daily workflow.

Your participation in the chartrounds sessions will give you 1 CME credit per session. Additionally, if you are the presenter of your case and treatment plan, you will receive credit for one PQI type 1 project (For details see PQI section under this tab). It is necessary for you to complete the Feedback Form available after each session in order to be eligible for either CME and/or PQI.  

A chartrounds session in which you present your own case and it is reviewed by the expert hosting the session and your peers qualifies for a Peer Review Activity. You can request documentation of peer review from the chartrounds administrator. Please see the PEER REVIEW tab under member benefits.